Thursday, May 12, 2005

LL Bean sightings in the west...coming soon

Just when I figured I was the only guy sporting an LL Bean jacket in the Utah backcountry, LL Bean announces that they inked a deal with American Skiing Company to become the official outerwear of all resorts owned by ASC, including two in the west: Steamboat and The Canyons. Yes, this means that LL Bean sightings will now become commonplace in Park City, Utah and Steamboat, Colorado. Now I won't feel so lonely wearing my LL Bean jacket when I ski The Canyons next year.

The Full Story

LL Bean VP Greg Houser says that they met with top instructors, lifties and patrollers to design outerwear for all on-mountain employees with features like built-in neoprene lumbar pads. I'm wondering if they spoke with The Canyons patrol, notoriously rebellious when it comes to dropping their coveted Patagonia jackets to don the flavor, er brand, of the year. Stay tuned to see how this one plays out.



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