Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Volcom hits "the street"

Volcom has filed for an IPO that they hope will raise upwards of $86M and in so doing joins the surfing worlds brotherhood of publicly traded companies with the likes of Quiksilver and Billabong. How is this possible for a company whose motto is "Youth Against Establishment"?
Volcom's story is pretty much like any other company traded on Wall Street, right? A recap: You and a buddy are surfers, you want to make mad cash so you decide to print some tee shirts in your garage, you sell them to friends, you keep surfing and expand by selling hoodies, surf some more all the while keep preaching to the core of youth that won't conform and then kapow! 14 years later you’re raking in over $100 M in revenue each year so you decide to go public and cash in - so you can keep surfing. Well, you get the picture. Keeping true and living a bit on the edge has been Volcom's mantra and it's paying off, big-time.

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