Monday, March 17, 2008

Chris Davenport Launches a 14'ers Forum

Chris Davenport, a new member of the athlete team and most recently known for his accomplishment of skiing all 54 of Colorado's peaks that are over 14,000' in one calendar year, launched a forum this past week called It's purpose is that it will become a repository for ski accomplishments and beta on the 14'ers of Colorado.

Although the site shares info from his original site where he kept track of the peaks skied during his quest, the two sites are independent of each other and not linked back and forth.

I'm reminded of a time 2 years ago when Davenport had just skied the Landry Line on Pyramid Peak and there was some purported controversy after other skiers repeated the line the following week. After a fair amount of armchair quarterbacking on various forums like TGR he said something to the point that there is enough good climbing and skiing in Colorado for a lifetime of skiers to get after so people should stop bitching and celebrate the accomplishments of others and share information about skiing these great peaks.

I was impressed by that statement in lieu of the uproar and so it doesn't surprise me that he's launched this site. Like other forums it's going to take time and acceptance for others to participate.

If you've tagged some of the 14'ers recently I'd hope you'll log in and post a trip report.

Each Range has it's sub-forum with each of the 54 peaks having dedicated forums for threads about that specific peak.

For now it's mostly a re-purposing of Chris' original trip reports. Like for example this original post on about Snowmass and this sub category for Snowmass where the first post is Chris' report without as many photos.

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