Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Treasure Mountain Hut

The Treasure Mountain Hut, reached via a paved to dirt road outside of Silverton, CO, is an exquisite spot from which to explore the mountains of Southwestern ColoradTreasure Mountain Huto.
Treasure Mountain Hut
Starting from Eureka, the approach is a straight forward 5 mile skin, most of which is a slightly uphill traverse until the last vertical gain up to the hut. The views are jaw-dropping, and the journey to the cabin is a beautiful 2.5+ hour excursion. At about 11,800ft, the hut sleeps roughly 13 people and has most basic amenities to accommodate your party. The Skin into the Hut
The Outhouse
Owner Stan Prichard guided us in on Monday. Prichard is a long-time guide for Silverton Mtn and undertook this hut venture with fellow investors and friends- Blair Clark and Max Wanatka. The fellas built the hut themselves (but also with help from many others) and have spent quite a bit of time exploring the vast region that surrounds their property. They own 10 acres, which serves Drew & Ximena on Ridgetopas a jumping off point to thousands of more.

Prichard, a college buddy of one of our group members- Winslow Scott, is a world-class kayaker, but embodies the best of both water worlds. He effortlessly guides our large group around his backyard, finding us powder off of beautiful ridges and through steep trees. His laughter and humor are contagious, with his love of the mountains spilling through every chuckle and quick witted comment. His only request of all of us is that we have a good time.

View from hutView from hut

The hut has two levels, with a small climbing wall on the upper floor. The guys also built both a sauna and outhouse to accommodate other needs. With a stove, general kitchen supplies, a few sleeping bags, beds/futons, med kit, and even slippers, we all had the simple task of carrying in only our food and beverages.

Hanging in the hut

View from hut

The hut is available for rental in both summer and winter.

Owners & Contact Info:

Blair Clark/Stan Prichard/Max Wanatka

Phone: 970-387-5471
P.O. Box 429 Silverton, CO 81433

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Blogger powstash said...

Looks like a dream come true. Thanks for posting this - I'm always up for a cool hut trip locale.

3/06/2008 6:36 PM

Blogger Kim Havell said...

Hope you can make it over there- it is a spectacular, pristine spot. Definitely give those guys a call!

3/07/2008 10:07 AM


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