Monday, March 03, 2008

Do You Have a Werd for Skiing and Snowboarding?

When it comes to snow related things, more if often better. 4 inches of powder or 14? 1000' vertical feet or 3000' vertical feet? Other times less is better. Addictionary - make up and submit your favorite werds

To that end Ski Utah along with the Winter at Westminster program is about to finish up a contest they are sponsoring with the Addictionary. Addictionary is an interactive dictionary where you can add "werds" (that's what they call them) with meanings that you come up with. This werd contest's goal is to come up with the best "werd" to describe skiing and snowboarding. See, the trouble is whenever you are writing or talking about the act of sliding on snow it requires 3 words. More is not always better and in this case having one word to cover both worlds of sliding on snow would be ideal.

Tomorrow is the last day of the contest to name the best word for Skiing and Snowboarding. If you come up with the winning "werd" you'll win a trip for two to ski in Utah next month. Not too shaby.

So if you've got a werd that you use to describe sliding on snow it could land you in Utah next month to ski the greatest snow on earth.

Check out the contest
along with the prizes.

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