Friday, February 15, 2008 T-Shirt of the Month

Ok, so this may not become as anticipated as Playmate of the Month but my interest piqued to see what designs the product development team will come up with for the T-Shirt of the Month. Each month a new design will appear and then 30 days later, disappear. Sort of like SAC, but not. You follow?

From the site:
Shirt of the Month: For a limited time, is kicking out a brand new shirt on the first of each month. These made-in-the-USA tops feature organic cotton and customized graphics created by local artists. You'll have a month to snag one … but don't wait too long—when the calendar turns, the shirt disappears. And then a new one appears …
I'm going to feature each shirt as it's released, which starting in March will be the first of the month. The designs will change each month and will revolve around an outdoor activity.

Meet Mr. February (sorry ladies, this one's for the guys): The Avalauncher

Go get your Avalauncher T before they're gone.

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