Monday, February 11, 2008

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Here at Backcountry we often use high quality outdoor imagery for our various print and web projects. I wanted to give our blog readers a sneak preview of an image we just purchased for an upcoming mailer, as well as highlight the photographer, Jonny Copp.

The image was used for the inside spread of a flyer and is from a trip Jonny took last spring to the Swiss Alps with four friends.

"5 Americans on a 6 day ski traverse of the Swiss Alps. We skied across the Berner Oberland from Jungfraughjoch to Muenster. We encountered a beautiful storm along the way which dropped a foot of fresh, and saw the marks of glacial recession when we had to climb 400 feet up to a hut which used to be camped at glacier level. We ate fine food in the middle of the mountains, and we navigated the craggy, fantastic highlands of Europe's most famous mountains: Days of sun, sliding and sweat, and nights of toasting to friends and the mountain life."
"I was lucky enough to climb the Eiger North Face just after the traverse!"

Jonny is a widely talented mountain man. He's an accomplished writer and photographer with many articles and images published in all major climbing magazines, as well as Outside, Hooked on the Outdoors, and National Geographic Adventure. He's a standard setting rock and alpine climber, and is sponsored by Patagonia, LaSportiva, and Black Diamond. Jonny is also the founder and director of the Boulder Advenure Film Fest, which is in its third year and going strong.

Keep an eye out for more photographer profiles and image highlights in the future.



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