Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Ascent in Indian Creek

Ah yes, crack climbing. Despite skiing some amazing powder in the backcountry yesterday morning (pictures to follow on my next post) I was thinking about climbing today.

I was checking out a new(ish) website from the Momentum Gym guys in Sandy, Utah called Momentum Video Magazine and on the front page was a "free" video of Cedar Wright getting the first ascent on Yellow Submarine in Indian Creek. (was it my connection or did it load slow for you too?)

What a stellar video! I realized that about 1/2 way through the video my palms were sweaty. Pavlovian response? I'm thinking the next high pressure we get here in Northern Utah that leads to mid 60's in St. George that I'm heading south for some rock.

Momentum offers some free videos but like a magazine this video mag requires a subscription. The teaser for Volume 3 was pretty cool. They need to be putting that teaser vid on YouTube if they want to generate more buzz about the video mag. (then I could post it here....)

With the annual subscription at $69.95, like any climbing dirt bag worth his spit, I'm sticking to the free vids for now. Is there anyone out there with a subscription willing to chime in about Momentum VM? If given the choice would you buy a new C3 for your rack or nab a video mag subscription to feed the climbing jones?




Anonymous Ped said...

Cedar's bad ass and the vid is great. I'm with you though: If I has 70 bucks lying around, I'd rather use it on a new cam than a subscription to the site. Maybe I just don't know what I'm missing. Maybe if they offered a 30-day free trial to get us hooked. The smart dealers get you hooked on the heroin before they start charging you for it.


2/10/2008 8:52 PM

Blogger powstash said...

You're completely right, a free trial may be needed to throw down 70 clams.

2/10/2008 10:14 PM


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