Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Roadside Attractions in Parleys Canyon

If you're like me you've toed the line with death while driving your car in order to get an extra glimpse of that coulior, that rock outcropping, that peak, that.....you get the picture. Riding shotgun is even better. Even the most alpha driver can enjoy riding shotgun if there are lines and mountains to be scoped.

And if you're a skier and have driven down Parleys Canyon on I-80 in Utah heading from Park City to Salt Lake City you've no doubt thought to yourself: "Some day I'm going to ski that".

You may have even seen this image appear before you:

If you would only exit and skin up the peak this is what it might look like from above the masses who like you moments before are just driving by:
And after dropping into the main shot off the summit it would have looked like this as you descended after watching your two friends ski knee deep blower powder:

And finally, this is how you'd feel laying trenches in the untracked powder rather than laying on the horn as another commuter cut you off trying to make the I-215 exit from the left lane.

Roadside attractions are there for the taking. Get some.

(photos taken Tuesday January 21, 2008)




Blogger Brewster said...

You forgot to mention that it is a 3-hour skin, extremely treacherous, and that the terrain is grizzly and cougar habitat! Not to mention crazy old man Johnson who has been known to take pot shots at backcountry skiers from his cabin!

1/23/2008 2:42 PM

Blogger *MILLY* said...

awesome...I too am one of those gazer/almost get in an accident person. Looks like rad stuff to go play in!

1/23/2008 4:37 PM


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