Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Loudest Show on Snow

Yet another report from athlete Kim Havell as she raises the roof in Telluride during the Jeep King of the Mountain Ski Tour.

This is the best thing that has happened to the ski industry in a long time…probably since Greg Stump was making films. With Kipp Nelson’s new vision of the ski and snowboard industry woven into one of the best ski party scenes know to any resort in the lower 48, the Jeep King of the Mountain (JKOM) Ski Tour will bring skiing back to the forefront of the American sports watching obsession.

The Tour has revitalized the ski world, breathing new life into the personalities behind skiing and snowboarding. We get to see many of our favorite winter Olympic heros racing neck and neck in a high velocity crowd pleasing discipline otherwise known as Skier-Cross/Snow-Cross. It is bringing some of our true sports stars back into the spot light in the likes of Jonny Moseley (as MC of some of the event activities & CBS broadcasting), the Crist bros, Casey Puckett, Daron Rahlves, Seth Westcott, Shaun Palmer, Lindsey Jacobellis, top notch internationals and many more. And now that Skier-Cross is to be an Olympic Event in 2010, the JKOM is educating all of us on this relatively new twist on downhill ski racing, and it seems to be a natural transition for some of these former superstar race athletes.

Along with action packed on snow events, Kipp also brings new life to the party scene… “Snow Angels” fresh from their portfolio selection in LA by Kipp’s side kick “Bunta” (probably one of the best jobs of anyone on the tour- from a male perspective), adorn every corner of every hopping segment of the schedule. They are there to snuggle with athletes, bring Moon Boots back, and show us all that you really don’t have to ski to be cool at a ski event. Topping the accessory element of the tour, is one of the most popular live musical events around- Michael Franti & Spearhead. At the Telluride tour stop this past weekend, Michael brought out Macy Gray for one incredible song that had the crowd roaring for more. Her voice has a rare passion that resonates deep into the crevices of the music lovin’ souls.

So, on Saturday night, after a high octane day on the slopes, as we all wandered into the 15,000sf tent erected in downtown Telluride, it felt much like stepping onto the planet Krypton- Lights darting all around, music pumping throughout, VIP corners & lounges, and all sorts of characters charged with good energy from the Spearhead movement on stage. With close to zero degree temps that night, once the show was over, the party attempted to converge on main street in downtown Telluride. It felt like transitioning from Krypton to that bar in the Alderon Galexy with Hans Solo & Chewie—there were fire dancers, fire breathers, strange characters on stilts, DJs, Bands, and all sorts of variable “Monster” drinking, cocktail swilling colorful folk wandering up and down the avenue.

With two more stops to go, make sure you get out there and find some of that stop is happening now in Squaw Valley. You really don’t want to miss this.

Go to for more information.

In Closing, to quote the founder and godfather of the Tour- Kipp Nelson- “This is the loudest show on snow”.

Footage from Squaw Valley's Pipe




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