Monday, March 03, 2008

Fresh Spring Corn - T-Shirt of the Month

After starting things up in February with the Avalauncher T Shirt's T-Shirt of the month series keeps rolling along with the March offering showing off the "Fresh Spring Corn" theme.

Although, I think it is one if not two months early with the spring corn them. I mean, I skied nearly 2000' of untracked powder today on a south facing slope at noon. Not quite corn season yet.

Am I the only one that thinks they should have put a yellow sun coming up over the mountains showing cause that mountain looks cold and wintry? Alas, they didn't ask me for design input cause after all I'm just the blog guy.

Ok Ok, I'll chill out on the design. It's cool and says "I'm a skier" to anyone else who gets it. As usual it's a 100% organic shirt and like February's shirt this one is just for the guys. Good thing isn't a university or we'd be getting slapped with some serious Title IX action. Dodged the bullet once again.




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