Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chaco "Summertime Z" Photo Contest Update

The Chaco Summertime Z photo contest is heating up. We've seen almost a dozen photo submissions and with less than a week to go I suspect there are more than a few people out there who are going through image files.

The contest closes at midnight (Mountain Standard Time) on Monday October 22 so be sure to make the deadline by having the photos in the Backcountry Horde inbox.

Get the e-mail address and all the info on the Chaco contest page.

From the inbox comes an interesting photo and e-mail from one of the contest entrants.
So, I went to Northern Uganda this summer to work in a hospital that has been affected by a civil war. This picture was taken on top of our beat up bus that we took on a safari. I didn't even know about the contest at the time, and just thought that my feet looked wicked awesome with my tan from the chacos. A friend told me about the contest when I got back! I dont know what information I need to include, so I'll just put the basics...

Kelsey Smith
Chaco Z tan, Ugandan style

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