Friday, October 05, 2007

Bluehouse Skis Delivers

It's not likely that the owners of Salomon, Dynastar or even LINE are going to be knocking on your door any time soon to deliver skis to you, one of their valuable customers.

Ok, ok, so Salomon and Dynastar and the other "big guys" only sell through retailers. But wouldn't it be cool if the owner or CEO of Salomon did show up at your door to hand deliver the skis you had ordered? You'd be blown away. Or you'd be wondering what happened to the UPS guy.

Perhaps the CEO of should hand deliver an order or two. I know, he's a busy guy but so are the rest of the other CEO's. I smell an opportunity for some PR.

But when you're a young independent ski company from Salt Lake City like Bluehouse Skis you have the ability to be nimble and to do things a little different. Not to mention you may have a little more time on your hands.

Aside from some designing some great looking skis with nice shapes, the owners were fulfilling some ski orders the other day - the old fashioned way.




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