Tuesday, October 02, 2007

SplitterChoss.com - Western Colorado Climbing

I met a guy at the Outdoor Retailer show back in August and he mentioned his blog called SplitterChoss.com. He gave me a sticker (yea, blogs have stickers too - including Lou's WildSnow.com thanks to Louie) and it's been sitting in my sticker pile for weeks. After reading about the Backcountry.com employee sticker party it got me filtering through stickers and there it was, splitterchoss.com. So I jumped over there to check it out.

Seems like a cool website and blog, touting itself as the source for Western Colorado rock and ice conditions with route beta, rants, gear reviews and other riffs to go with your morning coffee reading time.

One post that caught my attention was a riff about Colorado peaks, including the ever popular 14'ers. It's worth the read and as you can see splitterchoss.com is now in the blogroll.

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Blogger tc said...

Yah. Nice work BJ!

10/02/2007 11:48 AM

Blogger climbingrocks said...

Way cool blog, I liked his post on grades in climbing. I totally agree and can't stand it when people talk to me in grades. "Yeah bro like I did a 10a and then switched over to the 10d but that 10b earlier in the day was like harder then the 10d, so I think the ratings are off..." Derrr, go play in traffic.

10/02/2007 3:39 PM

Blogger tracy said...

I think that Splitter Choss guy has it going on. In CO, We have the best Splitter Choss around!

10/02/2007 4:30 PM

Blogger powstash said...

Bragin' about choss? That's a first. ;-)

10/02/2007 4:43 PM


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