Monday, October 15, 2007 Receiving Department Quotes

Working at is like any other place to work, but at the same time it's not like any other place to work. It's pretty crazy sometimes and now that I think about it a whole lot different from the rest of the places I've ever worked. If you're looking for something out of the norm, check us out.

Aside from the standard "Dog for adoption" or the infamous "Save Gas" e-mail threads, one of the more interesting (to me at least) things that rolls into the inbox every couple of weeks is a list of quotes from the receiving department at the warehouse.

Some of the quotes I question if they are for real. But when you consider the thousands of boxes of stuff that rolls through that little department it's certain to make your, and their, heads spin. Add to that the stifling heat in the summer and the quotes don't seem so loopy.

As a tribute to the great receiving team, I'm going to start publishing these quotes as they roll least until the lawyers send me a cease and desist.

From the Receiving Team:


"Is it more fun than a barrel of monkeys?"

"person 1: im looking for those things that are round, and they bend, and they have a bungee thing in the middle.... person 2: you mean tent poles Person 1: yah yah thats what i mean...." gearhead special quote

"I have no sympathy! Strap it back on!"

"why" person 1 "cause it's the most ballin thing you could possibly do" person 2

"Rappenin is what's happenin"

"I'm on it like bubonic"

"Well it's cause we're dirtbags"

"it only hurts until the pain goes away"

"Well my mom try to kill me with exhaust when i was little so i'm immune."

Not to be repetitive but it just feels right, it might not be exactly how it was said but it went along these lines... "I mean we work for backcountry, but you'd think it was the congress or something"

And in addition to metal Mondays and funky Fridays there is now a "Thug Thursday"

We'd like to thank the academy for making this happen, all our beloved fans, and beer. word up keep your game high backcountry. keep it up




Anonymous kubi@ said...

I need replacement poles for North Face Breeze way 2 tent can any one help where I can i buy them?

8/26/2008 10:53 AM

Blogger blogr said...

Kubi@ ,

Shoot me an email at and I can get you set up with some replacement poles. Or, put you in touch with the people who can.
Also, If you're ever wandering around the blog and have any gear questions check out the "gear search" field on the main page.
If you have a specific item name, like you do here, just throw that in the search and it'll take you to
In the top right of the site you'll see a "chat now" button under the phone number. That'll put you in direct contact with our super helpful gearheads. The phone # will also do the trick. Talk to ya soon.


8/26/2008 2:25 PM


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