Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kayaking Kraze

This past weekend I had the chance to check out some boats at our local pond for the Venture Festival here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sit-on-top boats just look super tipsy and only good for beach surfing, which is about a 9 hour drive away, not to mention the kayak rack I would have to purchase. I tried one though and the whole "center of gravity higher than normal" theory is very stable.

If you can tell by my lingo I am no "boater". I also tried a touring kayak with the little rudder thing on the back. By hitting each pedal slightly I was headed in a totally new direction. This may be old news but if your looking to get into a boat and think the rudder is just a $150 upgrade of coolness, it really is good to have. I also get stoked about technology that is new to me, heck last year was my first year on a shaped ski. Whoever came up with the shaped ski is a genius!

I also tried a Carlisle paddle that was fiberglass and very light. Granted I probably did a lap around the little lake and there wasn't 3 foot swells and I only had a digital camera around my neck, nonetheless it was very fun to paddle.

All in all, I am hooked on getting a boat and will probably opt for a Sit-on-top. It may not allow me to re-do any River Wild scenes like Kevin Bacon or get me on the Mississippi Challenge but its going to look super cool in my living room when I am not using it.




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