Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Using the Gear we sell on Rainier

For 36 years Jansport has been holding a climbing seminar and selects one person from Backcountry and other retailers to climb Mt. Rainier with RMI guides. Sam Bruni, our Director of Customer Solutions, was chosen to climb this year.

"I felt really good the day before the climb. I wasn't nervous at all." Bruni said. He told me that one item he wish he had was a Camelbak, contrary to the guides suggestion (2 Nalgenes). With taking breaks every 90 min. he said it was tough to stay hydrated.

His favorite gear up to Camp Muir was trekking poles and Julbo glacier glasses,

"The poles really help balance the pack weight and the glaciers up to Muir are way too bright to just take up regular sunglasses. "

When he got to Muir he felt great. He ate and rested but after a short time he felt nauseated and threw up, but no food came up. He waited for a while thinking it was heat stroke but he said it was definitely altitude sickness. The team of 14 was headed up that night to the top so he had to sit out on the summit bid this year.

For next time he plans to train at a higher alitude and will definitely bring a insulated Camelbak. A couple other hints he gave:
  • Careful sitting on your back panel in the snow for a rest. Definitely line your stuff with plastic to avoid wet gear.
  • If in doubt, get a disposable camera. Digital may not work and its not the time to be fiddling with techy stuff.
  • Go with friends that have been before, unless you have the money to fork out to RMI. The guides were great and helpful, the $700 guide service is quite a bit though.
Good luck to those climbing Rainier this season, I will see you up there in August. For great Rainier beta, check out the official Rainier Blog by Mark Gauthier.

Be smart. Train hard. Enjoy the mountain.

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