Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Canyoneering Mexico

Adventure reporter Eric Godfrey shows a new video from the canyons of Mexico.

Mexico is known for its beautiful white beaches, clear blue oceans, and ancient ruins, but what about further north? It's all desert and desolate right? Not in the beautiful sub-tropical limestone mountains around the city of Monterrey. The richest, and most americanized city in Mexico is surrounded by some impressive tree covered mountains that house some of the best scenery and rock in the world. There are incredible limestone caves found throughout, 2000+ foot multipitch climbs on excellent quality limestone, and amazing water filled canyons including one of the most geologically impressive canyons in the world, Matacanes, named for a shower head like formation found in both of the canyons two caves.

I've put together a video of my recent trip, we did five canyons, only four of them are included in the video. The video is almost twenty minutes long so if you are only going to watch part, then fast forward to the last nine minutes, this will show off Mexico's showcase canyon. The video makes it look fun, but the canyon MUST be experienced to be believed, it's like an amusement park water ride on steroids!

If you are going to plan a trip to see Matacanes it is unlawful to go without a certified guide. Not all guides are good, the one's we went with were excellent and all ACA (American Canyoneering Association) certified, which goes above and beyond the governments certification. You can visit our guides website by clicking here.



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