Monday, May 14, 2007

Baxter Going To the Top of the World

It's Game On!!! Baxter is headed to the top of the world. The Adventure Consultants team left base camp and will go through the Khumbu Ice Fall, past camp 1 and on to camp 2 in the Western Cwm. From there they will head up the Lhotse face and on to the South Col. Anticipated summit day is May 20 or 21. Stay tuned.

This is Baxter's note below:
Basically, it's 3:15pm on Monday Nepali Standard Time (NST) which is 3:31am Sunday Mountain Standard Time and we got the word this morning, after reviewing numerous weather forecasts, that a weather window may be opening up for later in the week.

Our current plan now is to leave tomorrow morning at 3:00am NST and head directly to C2. This is going to be a long day through the Ice Fall and past C1 but will give us more flexibility with the weather. We will then rest for a day at C2, then to C3 the next day, then to C4/South Col where we may rest for a day or head for the summit depending on the weather. Summit may be around Saturday or Sunday NST if our plans don't change.

As you can imagine, Base Camp is VERY active and exciting right now. Sherpa are running around, team members are packing and guides are planning. What a cool place to be! All the preparation that we have done now comes into play and we can just hope that we all stay healthy and the weather stays good.

Since Molly is traveling down valley at the moment, I'd suggest that the AC Dispatches may be the best source of news if you want to cut and paste for the blog.

Wish us luck and thanks for the support!


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