Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Free Coleman Cooler With Your Next K2 Seth Pistol Purchase?

First they sack up for an Everest expedition but that was chump change compared to the $1.2 Billion (yep, that's a B) that Coleman's parent company (who, as Rocky at The Goat pointed out, sells just about everything in your house so why not own your garage too with buying K2?) is sacking up to buy K2. Are there that many car camping folks out there to fund the machine? Wow.

Stepping back a bit to see the big picture reminds me of those Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom nature films I watched as a kid. You know the one - where that "big" fish goes around gobbling up all the smaller fish. Yea, he's got mad respect in his neighborhood, strutting around making those other smaller less tasty fish that he passed up feel oh so small. That is until the moment in the film, which only camera man sees, when the great white comes out of nowhere and BAM! he's not feeling so big anymore.

Perhaps K2's acquisition rampage over the past few years was part of a bigger plan. You know, buy up a bunch of companies, sell the investors on the idea and then sell to a bigger fish in the pond? Unlikely theory? Not so much me thinks.

More to come on this deal...including if you'll be seeing a mini cooler or a grill next season as your "Gift With Purchase" when you buy the Seth Pistol or Pontoons from K2.

Edit: Added link to The Goat and clarification about Coleman's "Parent company"




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