Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Goat Sighting - Our Man hirScH in Africa

This weeks Goat Sighting comes to us from hIrSch who is a blogger and cycling adventurer. After pedaling from Canada to the tip of South America he recently headed off to Africa (Morocco to be exact) and beyond.

Backcountry.com is stoked to help hIrSch along the way with essential gear he needs.

Two beards in Morroco
Typically with the weekly winner of the "Show Us your Goat" Goat Sighting contest the photographer will receive a Backcountry.com Organic Goat Tee Shirt but given that hIrSch is, well, in Africa and unable to receive packages I'll give his shirt away to the first person to comment on this post with their e-mail address. I'm sure hIrSch won't mind and you can thank him later.

Post your e-mail address in this format: name AT location DOT com.


And as always, if you think you've got what it takes to stick a winner but you haven't got a sticker to stick, well head on over to Backcountry.com and get yourself a FREE goat sticker by filling out the form or placing an order as each box we ship gets a free sticker. Then get out there and stick it, take a photo and submit it online.

Of course if you see a goat sticker out there and take a photo of it you're welcome to submit it for consideration.

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Blogger the Dacus said...

edacus AT gmail DOT com

4/24/2007 3:56 PM

Blogger testmonkey said...

just in case... :)

jmaxfield (AT) gmail (dot-diggity) com

4/24/2007 6:58 PM

Blogger A. Buchanan said...

congrats dacus!

4/24/2007 7:10 PM

Blogger powstash said...

the dacus was fast on the draw - he responded in just under an hour. Enjoy your shirt.

And, because I'm feeling a bit generous with the company's money, testmonkey, the scrapy late comer, is getting a shirt as well.

4/25/2007 2:52 PM


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