Friday, April 20, 2007

Postponed, But We'll Be Waiting

I guess if can post videos when creativity lacks, we will too. Actually, this movie teaser is top notch and doesn't lack at all from a lack of creativity. It's produced by Hungry Sloth Productions, a crew out of Alaska that is sponsoring. I guess Tramdock needs to pony up some more cash for these guys....



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, A Movie of falling over and over again. OK. These kids seem to really be in the back seat. It was an interesting sight into the lives of spoiled kids.

4/21/2007 9:39 AM

Blogger powstash said...

Um, thanks for the comment anonymous. While it's not Warren Miller, it's certainly not old Warren's ski style either. It's new school and it's harder than it looks.

And as for spoiled, not sure I agree with the sterotype. I can think of a few other things these kids could be doing with thier time that would be less productive than creating videos and getting some exercise on the slopes.

Personally, although I don't do all that flippy spinny stuff either, watching that got me stoked to go out and ski - which I did the day after posting that video. 16" of fresh powder.

To each his own. Thanks again for the comment.

4/23/2007 2:26 PM

Blogger Dustin said...

Alaska is best place on earth to ski and there are no rich kids in AK. Yes they land in the back seat but they practice until they land perfectly. The kids are stoked on a sport I love and I am proud to have these guys carry on the freeski torch.

5/09/2007 4:04 PM

Blogger Landis said...

thanks for the post!

Let me assure you that we are not spoiled. I personally worked very hard to pay for all of my camera gear. Same goes for the kids incorperated with Hungry Sloth and their ski equipment.

I shot this entire thing over maybe 5 weekends, all without a tripod, camera bag, or wide angle. This further proves that there are no spoiling here since I can't even afford these basic necessities! This was my first attempt at making something with my new camera, many of those shots were from my first day shooting with it. I can assure you the actual movie will be much more professional and solid.

And I noticed only 1 backseat landing in there, and I can really say that we know how to ski, being raised on Alaska slopes and all(not in the backseat for sure!)

Thank you for the concern
Landis Tanaka
Hungry Sloth Productions

5/13/2007 11:20 PM


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