Monday, April 02, 2007

Gear Review: G3 Targa T9 Roxy Telemark Binding

The Women's G3 Targa T9 Roxy Telemark Bindings are both burly and (at 35.6 oz per pair) very light at the same time. I'd been a bit worried at first, as I tend to be pretty rough on my gear (in general), but these bindings have held up extremely well. Despite the poor snow year, I tested the bindings in a variety of conditions up at Snowbird from early January till mid March, on a couple of (brutal for me, but not the bindings) backcountry runs in Little Cottonwood, as well as in 6 inches of fresh untracked powder on a yurt trip in early February.

The cables are really strong (especially in comparison to my previous Riva Z's), and worked nicely with my Scarpa T2's to provide plenty of stability and control. They did start to squeak during one of my shortish backcountry outings (which didn't do much for the calm quiet of the afternoon), but I haven't heard peep from them since.

There is a fairly equivalent Men's version- the All Mountain (35.7 oz per pair), which is minimally heavier than the Roxys, but sized for larger boots. Really aggressive or heavier skiers would likely want to opt for the XRace version which have stronger cables and are no heavier than the All Mountains (35.7 oz per pair).

I found the Roxys to be an absolute breeze to mount with the K2 binding system. So easy, in fact, that I even managed a successful mounting despite my customary refusal to look at any directions whatsoever. Paired with my K2 She's Piste, they did rather well both on groomers and in crud up at Snowbird and in deep untracked powder on our annual yurt trip near Wolfe Creek Pass. Overall, these are a fantastic binding for those of you who want to get after it both at the resorts and in the backcountry.

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