Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Heading out to Kathmandu...then Everest Base Camp

The gear has been packed, the research completed and the training done so there is nothing left to do but get on the plane and start the journey. I leave tomorrow for Kathmandu via Bangkok arrivingLast Skydive around noon on Friday so things are getting real very fast.

This week I’ve gotten in one last paragliding flight, did a few base jumps and one last wingsuit skydive just so that I could have fresh memories while I’m away.

Wow, it is hard to imagine all the changes that are going to occur over the next few months. Illnesses endured, storms weathered, friends made and images burned into the brain. So much is going to occur that is can be a bit overwhelming. Someone once said that climbing Everest is like eating an elephant. If someone asked if you could eat an elephant you’d probably immediately say ‘no’ but if you took a bite every day the animal would soon be gone. It is hard to think about all that has to be done to ever get to the mountainEverest Gear let alone to start climbing but all I can say is that I like elephant and damn am I hungry!

One of the most enjoyable parts of the preparation has been accumulating all the gear. Thanks to Backcountry.com things were made a bit easier. I had to buy all the cool stuff that you see in climbing shops but never really think that you’d be in a position to need it. Things like a Marmot 8000m suit, La Sportiva Olympus Mons boots and Julbo Glacier Glasses with a nose cover are just a few items that are going to be fun to put into use.

Here is the tentative schedule…
  • March 28th Depart SLC;
  • March 30th Arrive in Kathmandu;
  • March 31st Final gear checks, sightseeing, shopping;
  • April 1st Fly to Lukla;
  • April 1- April 9th Trek to Base Camp;
  • April 10 - May 4th Establish camps and acclimatize;
  • May 5 - May 12th Rest at Base Camp or lower down valley;
  • May 13 - May 25th Summit Climb;
  • May 26 - May 27th Clean up & depart Base Camp;
  • May 27 - June 1st Trek to Lukla;
  • June 1st Fly from Lukla back to Kathmandu;
  • June 2nd Depart Kathmandu.

My wife, Molly, will be posting updates from our team up until she leaves in May to trek to Base Camp so stay tuned!

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