Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mountain Hardwear Mission Project - Giving the Glory to the People

Mountain Hardware Mission Project ContestI'm all about giving the glory to the people. This blog is proof. A pile of our customers are now blogging here and more are welcome to join the Horde and play along.

(Just ping me in the comments with your NAME AT EMAIL DOT COM if you too want to join the blogging party)

So I was particularly stoked to see Mountain Hardwear giving their customers, who are our customers as well, some real estate on a new blog they launched called the Mission Project. They also have a blog called the Hardwear Sessions which is essentially a work release program for their athletes. Makes sense though. Give a pile of gear and money to some over achieving athletes and watch them travel the globe playing with said gear and spending said money should require a little kick-back from time to time. Start blogging! [whip cracks]

To the original point, the Mission Project invites Mountain Hardwear customers to tackle a challenge in the outdoors using MHW gear and then tell about it on the project blog. What I want to see is a customer win one of the monthly prizes or the grand prize - $2000 shopping spree and a guided trip up Mount Rainier.

If that didn't stoke you enough they have a video (why they didn't make it a YouTube video so it could be passed along easier and played more I do not know - hint, hint MHW) that you can watch.

Check out the Mountain Hardwear Video.

If you need to get some gear so you can get going on the contest, check out the Mountain Hardwear selection at Follow that link and you'll score 10% off on any Mountain Hardwear product - that's over 3200 items to choose from - I'm sure you'll find something to go out and adventure with.

More details and fine print on the Mission Project.

Edit: I'm a moron. Thanks for the help Alex.

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Blogger alex said...

hardwEAr, not ware.

no worries. i still promise to read you.

5/03/2007 7:39 PM

Blogger powstash said...

DOH! One would think that the logo right there in the post would help me to spell it right. Then again, I've been making more trips to the Hardware store for my recent garage project than I have to the Hardwear section of our store.

Still, thanks Alex for catching my error.

5/04/2007 9:09 AM

Anonymous antares said...

The YouTube version of the Mission Project video is located here:

5/07/2007 10:04 AM


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