Thursday, May 10, 2007

Goat Sighting - NBC's The Black Donnelly's

This weeks "Show us your Goat" winner comes to us from one of our own, longtime employee Gardner Seawright. His title is "Bouncer/Fix-It Guy/VP of SKU Production" and although titles are over rated around here if there is trouble trying to enter HQ, Gardner is our man.

While relaxing at home from a tough day of bouncing, fixing and SKU making, Gardner was watching The Donnelly's and in his own words this is how it went down...
When I was watching it I said, “WHAT?!? Noooooo way… Is that?... nah couldn't be…. IT IS… ITS THE GOAT!!” haha Next thing you know it the goat won't just be hiding in the background It’ll be swingin' bats and bustin' heads with the Donnelly brothers!"
Either way, this is a pretty cool Goat sighting.


Photo Shot by: NBC (screen shot by Gardner Seawright)
Photo Location: On a pole on the set of NBC's The Black Donnelly's
About the photo: Sean Donnelly (1 of the 4 donnelly brothers) is hitting on the girl that sold him a juke-box for The Firecracker (the Donnelly brothers bar) and as the camera pans a Goat is spotted in the background on a pole behind the girl.

The goat sticker is seen on the pole in the background (click the photo). To watch the episode check out part three of the episode title "Isn't That Enough?" at NBC's online episodes of The Black Donnelly's. It's right around the 4:00 mark.

As a weekly winner Gardner will receive Organic Goat Tee Shirt.

If you think you've got what it takes to stick a winner but you haven't got a sticker to stick, head on over to and get yourself a FREE goat sticker by filling out the form or by placing an order as each box we ship gets a free sticker. Then get out there and stick it, take a photo and submit it online.

Or if you see a sticker out there take a photo and submit it as your own.

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