Monday, May 07, 2007

Resting and Recovering at 14,000'

I just heard from Baxter, one of our customer bloggers here, as he is descending from Everest Base Camp to Periche for a few days rest before they head for the summit. We'll be wishing him luck as he returns to base camp and starts up the mountain.

Hey Man!

We'll I've survived the acclimatization process by enduring the forays up to the Lhotse Face and sleeping there without Os. It was really cool going through the Ice Fall (man does that thing move!), wandering the Western Cwm, and being up close and personal with the Yellow Band and the Geneva Spur. I can't wait to get on the South Col and then finish the rest of this "Everest sightseeing trip" :>). Weather dependant, we should begin the summit push mid-next week but right now we're resting at BC and prepping for a few days down in the valley at around 14K to recover. Molly is going to meet me in Pheriche for a day to chill before the team heads back to BC for the final summit prep. The main import that Molly is bringing us is the movie "Talladega Nights", funny what you want sometimes when away from home! I think the altitude has effected my sense of humor... or maybe it is living in tents on a glacier for over a month, who knows.

Thanks and take care.


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