Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Darling Season Pass at the Canyons -

I think I’m finally ready to acknowledge that I may have a small fear of commitment. I’ve never really thought I was that kind of girl, but as this third winter gets going in UT, I hate to tell you that I've already cheated (twice...). It’s not fair to you, but I am finally acknowledging my freedom and flirtatious attitude. My eyes are slowly wandering to the West, North and anywhere the snow is tempted to fly.

In the past two winters that I’ve been in UT, We’ve had some great times! I’ve been riding over 120 times (at least half with you, my darling), but there have been some others (12?), but I’ve always come back! (I mean--2 season passes--and you knew about Powder Mountain and my Little Cottonwood habit … we're just friends!). Oh, Canyon's, we've gone through a lot together: pow days, bullet-proof snow, sunburns and sore legs. But you knew about my past... winters in New Mexico, New Zealand, and trips to Colorado, Wyoming and Canada. I mean I've dated a bit and had some relationships with a few resorts (nothing quite like what "we" had) and now I'm realizing I just can't be tied down to any one hill.

Riders in Colorado don’t have this problem—they have passes to multiple resorts and no one thinks any less of them, and it’s Utah that gets the bad-rap for Polygamy…

I don't want to blame your mild terrain, or long traverses (its really not you, its me!) but its just time to move on. It’s been quite easy to look at the past through rose-colored goggles. Each day that you wake up, whether a powder day, a corn day, or that freezing cold day on the ridge where you can barely go forward because the wind is blowing so hard; there is just something about being out there with you that made it worthwhile.

I mean, really, who can forget their first? My first full-day of REAL powder day with you: Though we’ve drifted apart since that initial winter (It’s not you, it’s me!) I shall always treasure the time we had, and I’m glad we can still be friends. I know you understand that I just couldn’t stick around.

And I’m sorry, but that first real weekend of the season, (6 resorts in the Wasatch were opening!) I snuck out on you and had an excellent day with Brighton—I couldn’t stay home. Even last weekend I went on a group date to Snowbird and had fun without you. But you were busy with your out-of-towners, and I can’t be blamed, right?

Remember when we first heard that Rilo Kiley song on that warm-up run off of Condor? “There’s love and work up where the snow meets the sky.” We’ll always have the Eagle Chair and Ninety-Nine Ninety; our Sunday afternoon chill sessions on Dreamscape and Tombstone with tunes blaring and bluebird skis shining will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ll still visit to catch some turns—I promise.

I can barely scratch the surface of mental, physical, and emotional feelings that I have had with you. But, there are some current crushes I can’t ignore, some past loves that still make me ache, and a few that have caught my eye and can’t wait to get to know a little better…

Till we meet again.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure we here in Colorado can get a multi-mountain pass, but that's because so many resorts are owned by one single company, so it's not all wine and roses for that idea...

-- C

Back-country winter trail conditions!

1/05/2007 12:46 PM

Blogger wait... what? said...

true, true. However, sometimes a sugar daddy who can spend a bit on you is better than the ski bum who lives on PBR and Pizza (though a vintage PBR...)

1/05/2007 1:45 PM

Anonymous rocky thompson said...

bragger. i wish i had these problems. *sigh*

1/05/2007 3:43 PM


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