Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Chris Davenport Still Skiing the 14ers of Colorado

After a little Holiday hiatus here on BackcountryBlog.com I was poking around Chris Davenport's website that documents his quest to ski all 54 of the 14ers (peaks that are above 14,000 feet) of Colorado. His quest was to do it in one of 3 ways.

Plan A - Climb and ski them all in one season

Plan B - Climb and ski them all in one year (2006)

Plan C - Climb and ski them all within 365 days

Well, he's on to Plan C. But the reality is, regarless of if he accomplishes Plan C (which I hope he does) I've got to give him mad props for getting after it. Little did I know of Chris' dedication to skiing beautiful peaks nor of his ability as a ski mountaineer.

Of the project Chris recently said:
Mother Nature was tough on me last season, leaving me with nine peaks left to go this fall and winter. But then she came through in a big way this week with a fat storm that covered all the right zones. So now I have five peaks to go: Crestone Needle, Blanca, Little Bear, Shavano, and Longs. I was hoping to finish by the New Year, but now it looks like I will change to plan C, which would be to finish in a year period from when I started last season, January 21. That gives me three weeks to do five peaks.

Good luck in making it by January 21 Chris. Rarely do I hope for Colorado to get more snow than Utah, but in this case, I sure hope Mother Nature blesses our friends to the east.

Photo credit - Skithe14ers.com
Photo caption - Chris drops in from just below the summit ridge.



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