Tuesday, December 12, 2006

3 Climbers Still Missing on Mount Hood

Last summer I climbed and skied Mount Hood via the Coopers Spur, a line I had eyed for years when growing up in Portland. As we approached the Coopers Spur that July morning I got a good look at the north face of Mount Hood, the same face on which 3 climbers are currently missing.

In the image to the right, the Coopers Spur is the line on the lookers left, up the broad snowfield and through the rocks to the summit snowfield. From what I can figure out the line that these 3 climbers were attempting to climb is the sliver of snow between the two large rock outcroppings in the middle of the image. This line hovers above the Elliot Glacier and is a fantastic mountaineering objective.

Climbers, mountaineers particularly are a tight knit group. Bagging peaks and pushing yourself beyond physical and technical boundaries is rewarding and fulfilling. One of the climbers involved, Jerry "Nikko" Cooke, 36, of New York City, who according to CNN went for help, is an active member of an online forum for mountaineers.

This past month he had posted a thread on CascadeClimbers.com, looking for additional beta for his climb. Reading his last post on 11.14.06 is somewhat eerie knowing the current situation. Mount Hood is seeing winds up to and beyond 85mph and heavy snowfall.
Thanks for the info guys....We'll shoot for it in a day, if conditions are slow then a short bivy somewhere along the way and over to the South side and down the next.

I will definitely post pics and a TR
[Trip Report] with approach conditions. Also [we/I] will be trying out a half sleeping bag/DAS parka bivy system, will let you all know exactly how much that sucks if I have to use it-yes I know, "if you bring bivy gear you will bivy".
I sure hope the Portland Mountain Rescue and others involved are able to make something happen today as a small weather window seems to be opening up. Namaste fellow climbers.

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