Wednesday, November 22, 2006

He Rode His Bike To The End of the Road

He just kept pedaling along and finally reached Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia. hIrSch, who I've followed along since he pushed of from the US/Canadian border some 16 months ago, finally reached the end of the road, literally.

It's been an amazing journey. He was robbed, has slept in the most beautiful as well as the most hum-drum of locations, rode through summer and winter, made it on one bike (a Kona), two tents (we sent him a Mountain Hardware tent), two pairs of Chacos, and who knows how many bike tubes. The continental divide in Colorado, deserts of Mexico, jungles of Central America and more. He's likely seen more in one "trip" than most see in a lifetime.

Think he's crazy? Nah, just committed. Case in point - he's headed to Africa for another bike trip and will start this one in Morocco. I'm sure he'll keep posting on his blog. Check it out.

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