Monday, November 06, 2006

Colleges Clash in the White Mounatins

About two months ago, Tufts student Ed Warren had a crazy idea: how cool would it be to have an inter-collegiate relay race on the Presidential Ridge in the White Mountains. Less than three weeks later, the first annual Tufts Invitational Presidential Traverse was held.

Presidential Ridge in the White Mountains

On October 14th, eight different collegiate outing clubs showed up, rearing to go. The format of the race was a relay. Each school had three different groups which each hiked their portion of the 21 mile ridge. Each group had to summit every peak (Mt. Jackson, Mt. Pierce, Mt. Eisenhower, Mt. Monroe, Mt. Washington, Mt. Clay, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Madison) and take a group at the top. Each school also had its own support team, which moved vehicles and supported the racers.

The relay race was won by the team from Bates, however Dartmouth student and nordic skier Dakota Blackhorse von Jess covered the course in 7.5 hours, beating everyone (Tufts, Dartmouth, Bates, Colby, MIT, Castleton State, Green Mountain, and Plymouth State) while competing solo. A few of the anchor legs were just getting off the ridge as it was beginning to get Crazy College Racers on the Presidential Ridge in the White Mountainsdark. Results and times for all teams will probably be kept next year, said Warren.

After the race, everyone rolled on over to the Tufts Loj (a cabin owned by the Tufts Outing Club in Woodstock, NH) to enjoy a fabulous post race meal and get to know each other. Finally, a bunch of tired, sweaty, full, and happy racers had to head back to their respective colleges and wait for next year.

Thinking back on the race, Warren had but one comment:

“No one died, therefore it was a great success!”



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