Monday, November 13, 2006

Brunton Solar Panel 4.4 won't wake the dead, iPod that is

Brunton 4.4 Solar Panel
Solar Panels in the Backcountry? Isn't this a little nerdy? Just imagine though when your cell phone breaks down and you need to make that emergency call.

I borrowed the Brunton 4.4 from the shop to test this thing out on my iPod and cell phone. If something does have a charge it will work great, but if your iPod is just dead, it won't wake it from the dead.

The cloud cover was pretty dense when I was using it and you can actually test what kind of charge your getting with a little button on the side, which was strong at that time.

It isn't the biggest piece of gear in the world either for what it does. It says just over a pound but it felt way lighter. You can plug in a:
  • car charger
  • basic cell phone (the universal phone cord)
  • USB anything
  • and the rechargable battery pack it comes with
I think this would also be sweet for GPS recharging. Check out these guys who got a solar panel to power their tunes.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree on the Dead iPod it's useless. I now use a Solio Solar Charge that has a built in Lithium Ion battery that you can charge many ways, ( Sun, 110V, 12V). All power adaptors come with it, along with USB,Mini USB, Nokia, Motorola. This thing also comes in Pink.

11/21/2006 1:43 PM

Blogger Bevan said...

I would be more worried about a dead gps than a dead ipod. Unless, I am going to die for sure and want to listen to Stairway to Heaven on my way out.

11/28/2006 9:48 AM


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