Thursday, December 28, 2006

Powder Magazine Photo of the Year - Vote Often

Excluding the Pacific Northwest and our friends to the east (not too far east, I'm talking Colorado) it feels like the season really hasn't started for the rest of us. Regardless, Powder Magazine is looking to the masses of powder starved people like myself and yourself to determine the Photo of the Year.

The thing I don't get is how can they limit the field to 7 images? I mean, c'mon, only seven? Go and vote anyway.

How will they be judged?
The votes gathered here will be tallied, combined with the results taken from our panel of experts and fed into the BCS computer for a preliminary ranking. That ranking will then be sent to Donald Rumsfeld who will ultimately choose the 2007 Powder Magazine Photo of the Year. In the event Donald Rumsfeld and/or the BCS computer is unavailable, the Powder staff will choose the winner based on the results garnered here and from our panel of experts.
Here are some samples:

No better way to start the day than skiing orange pow
If there is skiing in Heaven, and I think there is, it would feel like this
Big Sweet Air
The winners will be announced at the Powder Video Awards on January 27 in Aspen, Colorado, and webcast live on



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