Friday, December 29, 2006 Steps it up with the Shift Softshell

This Gear Review is provided by employee and budding ice climber Brenda Leonard

I was planning a trip to Ouray, CO to do some ice climbing. In fact, this was my first trip ice climbing and I "needed" to pick up a soft shell to climb in. Being that I work at I figured I'd try out the new Shift Softshell Jacket.

The stretch and flexibility of the fabric was perfect for ease of movement while climbing. Also very durable. I accidentally stepped on it with my crampons and it didn't even leave a mark. The shell is water resistant and it easily repelled water from the dripping ice. The interior lining made it really comfortable.

Since I tend to get cold, I decided to wear my down vest underneath the jacket. Because of the elasticity of the jacket, it easily zipped up over the bulkiness of my vest and I was still able to move freely. Plus it looks great. The form fitting cut is flattering and made it a great jacket to just wear around town. All in all, I was very impressed with this jacket and I had a great weekend of climbing.

I'd recommend this jacket for ice climbing and mountain town sidewalk surfing based on its:
  • Great flexibility for movement
  • Super comfortable, even with bulky layers
  • Highly water resistant and lucky for me, puncture resistant toughness
  • Comfortable cut and looks great
Check out the new Shift Softshell from, Men's or Women's models and get your ice climbing game face on.



Blogger A. Buchanan said...

I just got my Gamma SV and it is sweet! So movable and the fleece on the inside is super soft.

1/01/2007 6:24 PM


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