Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Affair is Over - The Honda Ski Tour is Set to Launch

I've got no beef with snowboarding. None at all. I indulge myself in the occasional affair with my board. My skis get jelous but hey, I'm not the only one. The media has been all over snowboarding like a garage band groupie, spraying about how cool snowboarding is and how....yea yea, all that.

Mark my words, "The Honda Ski Tour" is going to be THE event of the 06-07 season. Okay, so the name is lacking the bling of our snowboarding brethren but what the name may lack the tour is more than making up for.

Four completely packed weekends at four mountain locations - Sun Valley, Breckenridge, Aspen and the finals in Squaw Valley. Each weekend will be packed with competition, Pipe and Skier-Cross with all the players. Athletes like Daron Rahlves, Tanner Hall (yea, he has a wikipedia page), CR Johnson, the Crist brothers, Simon Dumont.

The band line up alone is worth making the trip. In Sun Valley for example, Jan 11-13, the line up will include the Wailers, Swollen Members, Elan, Daniela Cotton, Three Days Grace, Tommy Lee and more.

Check out The Honda Ski Tour for all the info of the tour including the schedules, how to score concert tix, enter contests. Yea, these guys didn't just pull this thing together last weekend. The Ski Tour, cooler than snowboarding.



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