Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Chiarock - when you need a new rock climbing project

Have all your local crags become too crowded and nothing on the horizon makes your palms sweat with anticipation to climb? Why not grow your own wall? Mount St. Helens crater feature

Needed ingredients - one active volcano, heat resistant sticky rubber (I hear Montrail is working out the details on this one) and a helicopter for access. Oxygen is optional and more style points are awarded for ascents without the use of supplemental O2.

VIOLA! You have a Chiarock growing at 1 meter per day, complete with cracks perfect for a #2-#4 camalot. (click the photo for detail) More slab-o-licious fun than your local crag could ever dish out with first ascents and redpoints there for the taking!

Don't have an active volcano close by? Check out the little project that Miss Helens is growing in Washington. Be sure to watch the 2 second time lapse video of the chiarock growing.

Don't let all that snow nearby lure you into complacency, she's a hot one. See the infrared photo below. Tee shirt and shorts kind of climbing.

Infrared image of the growing rock slab on Mount St. HelensPhoto Credit Dan Dzurisin, Cascades Volcano Observatory,USGS



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