Thursday, April 27, 2006

Perhaps Kate Moss is a snowboarder...

Head Skis has inked a deal with "Bad boy" Bode Miller to be their spokesman through 2008. Bode, who made a more significant mark on the Olympics news with tales of rabble-rousing than medals, is being compared to Kate Moss for marketability after her cocaine-abuse scandel in the UK.

Said Johan Eliasch, CEO of Austria-based Head, “I am extremely happy that Bode chose to join Head. Bode is the most exciting personality in alpine ski racing. He is also a globally recognizable figure due to his charismatic persona and exceptional ability.”

In addition to developing new equipment, Miller will participate in advertising and promotional initiatives.

“Head has a strong history in alpine skiing and an established supportive team environment,” Miller said in a statement. “With this opportunity I’ll be entering the next stage of my career by taking on new challenges and joining a talented and diverse team which shares my commitment towards excellence and innovation.”




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