Thursday, June 23, 2005

the 4am road trip - Whose in?

Looking for a bit of adventure this summer and can't seem to pin down exactly what that "adventure" will be? I stumbled accross the chance of a lifetime, just not my lifetime, trip the other day. The 4am road trip - a journey accross the Western U.S. in search of any adventure that you can drum up.

In a nutshell, Timex will pay for you to road trip for 4-6 weeks this summer. Sure you're making more loot at your "real job" but those weekend trips can only stoke the fire so much. So you passed on that backpacking euro trip 5 years ago and it's like lemon juice in an open wound whenever the topic comes to mind. Well, this is your summer. Call it a sabatical and tell the man it's all or nothing.

Here are a couple of highlights/requirements about this "job"

- must have a passion to bike, paddle, hike, climb, eat, drink, be merry and everything in between
- must not be afraid of truck stop corndogs
- must play nice with others
- camp stove culinary skills a plus
- abitlity to live in a tent or RV for the duration

Don't thank me, just send us a good story when your done.

The Full Story and application details



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