Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Corn harvest in the Sierras

What is undoubtedly one of the longest lingering winters in recent memory has begun to wane into spring. I suppose it's about time since it is after all June 14. Taking advantage of the ridiculous amounts of snow in the Sierras, Backcountry.com employee Dustin Robertson and friends made the pilgrimage to harvest corn in the Sierras this past weekend. They slayed it.


Booting up to the first ridge from the road on Sonora Pass - they took the road more traveled and were nicely rewarded

Leavitt Peak in the background - Sonora Pass

Backcountry.com employee Dustin Robertson (right) and friends enjoy a perfect spring skiing session atop Leavitt Peak (elevation 11,600) in Northern California

The Slayers returning from harvesting 2500' vert of perfect corn.



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