Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Keen Footwear takes giant step forward

Companies within the Outdoor Industry that are 2 years old are typically consumed by thoughts of growth and expansion. Who am I kidding? The reality is that most of them are just hoping to hang on and survive, such that thoughts of donating large sums of money to non-profit organizations are generally just that - thoughts. At Keen Footwear, they've moved from thinking to acting, announcing this week the formation of the Keen Footwear Foundation and the commitment of $1 million to npo's that are important to the company and its employees. Nice work Keen - live long and prosper.

The Full Story

These thoughts from Keen CEO Angel Martinez: "When we were young adults, we always said that when it was our turn to be in charge, we’d do things differently than previous generations. We will be more responsible citizens of the planet, more tolerant of other cultures and ideas, and will exercise our power as individuals. Even though Keen is still in its infancy as a footwear company, it’s never too soon to step exactly in the direction of the future we want to build."



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