Monday, July 21, 2008

Going Simple with a Tarp

When I was younger I used a tarp all the time for backpacking and camping. Back then tents kinda sucked and were heavy, not to mention the cost. Aside from being a poor teenager was the weight issue.

But since I've worked in the outdoor industry for so long and gear deals seem to be a part of my existence, I guess getting the latest and greatest tent has had me all but abandoning my previous tarp ways. I think that may soon change, especially considering the may now available like the Integral Design Siltarp.

Sure, a tent may spare you a few mosquito bites or the occasional critter visit but will that thin nylon spare you from the marauding bear any more than sleeping under a tarp?

There are some quite technical tarp set ups out there - just image search for Tarp Tent on Google Images - impressive to say the least.

So what's the rub with a tarp? Why don't you use one? Have you used one before?

If like me you're intrigued with using a tarp on your next outing, this little video from Mike at Bushcraft Northwest is a great guide to setting one up.


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