Friday, July 11, 2008

Gear review: Patagonia Micropuff jacket

Well, I just finished another trip (report coming soon!) and was yet again reminded that the Patagonia Micropuff Jacket may be the ultimate clothing item. There are a sundry of reasons for this (interspersed with some of my favorite micropuff memories!):

1) Instant comfort . . . there's nothing like stopping for a break and eliminating the chill by throwing on the puffball. It feels so warm and cozy, whether it's rain, snow, or wind that you're trying to get out of!

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It also works great for backcountry yoga!

2) I use it all season backcountry skiing . . . hike in a t-shirt/windbreaker and throw the micropuff on for a comfortable rest before skiing, a good descending temperature, and a warm changeover for putting skins back on. It's also great to have a puffball in the pack for an emergency if it arises.

Posted by PicasaWearing the micropuff makes skiing amazing lines even more fun!

3) Packability. So easy to stuff in a dry bag or in a corner of the pack. It comes with a stuff sack, but I end up using this for other things usually :-)

Life is definitely more fun wearing powder pink, especially when you and your friends have matching coats!

4) Great pockets! The chest pocket is great for a lighter and knife, and there are nice big interior pockets to hold a warm nalgene, wet skins, or whatever else you can dream up!

The coat is an important part of any ensemble hoping to win an award for color!

5) The hood - need I say more?!!? Hoods are so darn versatile I love them! The only problem is that they may make you look like a hoodlum if you're hitch hiking after your trip or day in the b/c! Having a powder pink micropuff helps with this issue!

Yes, I love this jacket so much that I bought a new one to have as backup for when my primary needes repairs! Total loser, I know, but I can't imagine a trip without this coat!

So, if you're looking for one coat that will make a sundry of situations significantly more pleasant, I recommend the Patagonia Micropuff jacket. Functional, stylish, comfortable, and just all-around great!

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