Tuesday, July 01, 2008

MTNOPS - New Snowboarding Mag

I'm not so sure that there is room in the Snowboard Mag world for another printed version of Snow pRoN but somebody thinks so. Launching in 68 days and counting is a new mag called MTNOPS which when I first heard the name had me thinking it was a resort operations magazine to which I shrugged "what's so cool about that?".

But this does look pretty cool.(see above screen shot of the site) It's lifestyle, action and everything snowboarding that Transworld, Snowboarder, Snowboard Journal and Frequency aren't (if there's anything in there that is missed).

If nothing, their Tailgate Alaska section of the site is pretty sweet. More vid of living the dream than I had time to watch.(the man is looming) Your homework assignment is to watch them all and report back. We're waiting...

It's a tough row to hoe so we'll see if they stick the landing after launch. Best of luck!




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