Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No Foolin' - Backcountry.com Launches Bike Category

As if my wallet wasn't already under fire from the abundance of gear choices, Backcountry.com has to go and launch their newest addition to the world of retail - the bike category. No, this is not an April Fools joke.

I suppose it only makes sense given that during the summer there are mountain and road bikes all over the office. The CEO, who from time to time cracks the whip on getting us to tidy up around the place, hasn't been that keen on the plethora of bikes spilling into the halls around the office, but when both the CEO and President typically have 3 or more sick bikes in their own offices, no one pays much attention. In true Backcountry.com fashion, we just do it anyway, opting to ride to work, stashing our bikes in corners, against walls, under stairs, so there's always a bike handy for lunch time rides.

I suppose that's similar to how selling premium in season bike stuff at Backcountry.com, including bike frames which are purported to be happening spring of 2009, came to be.

For years it was "no way, we'll never sell bike stuff" but enough of the ground troops grumbling over the years grew to a deafening roar of the masses which finally took over. At that point the decision was easy enough - it's time to sell bike stuff.

From the source:
Here you’ll find the gear you need to feed your addiction: everything from Zipp carbon road wheels to Fox protective mountain bike gear; essentials from high-end brands like Crank Brothers, Pearl Izumi, and Mavic; performance clothing from Castelli; impact protection from Six Six One—and the list goes on. Whether you get high on monthly stage races or battle demons on a rocky downhill ride, we’re here to keep those pedals pumping.
Same killer service, same warranty, same knowledgeable staff....but now we're selling bikes. So check out the new bike category at Backcountry.com, tell your friends and family and prepare your wallet as bike season is nearly upon us.

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