Monday, March 31, 2008

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa checks in from Alaska athlete Sage Cattabriga-Alosa checks in from AK

It felt great after warming up for a day, to get out with the TGR crew here in Haines. Conditions couldn't be more perfect and the crew is charging. Dana Flair, Erik Roner, and Seth Morrison are my fellow riders. The production crew consists of Todd Jones and Josh Nielson from TGR, and photographers Chris Bezamat, and Flip McCririck. A full day left us tired, stoked and ready for more. When the snow is stable, deep, and the weather is nice its time to ride.
Alaska face
First thing in the morning we spotted this zone, our process is usally to post up at the bottom of the run or on a apposing angle so we can scope the zone and decide on what lines we want to ride. The digital camera is a critical tool in this process, with this info on hand we cross refernce our lines, hazards, and islands of safety once we are on the top.


This is the view from the top. Its always nice when you can look right down the line like this, you can see most of the run aside from the exit so now we use the camera to double check the route out the bottom that will best avoid the shrunds (cracks in the glacier below).


love the track photos!


Morrison throwing a big front flip.

Production crew Josh and Bez


Steping up to some bigger lines


The amazing views never let up! This is on the way back to the airport staging area. Haines sits just to the left of these tributairies.

For more amazing stories from Sage check out his blog



Anonymous Anonymous said...


3/31/2008 4:53 PM

Anonymous Richard Laplante said...

Great photography. Shoud submit to National Geographics.

3/31/2008 7:34 PM

Blogger TriCoast Photography LLC said...

Beautiful country. Very nice photos.

- Jordan

4/01/2008 4:53 PM


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