Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Babes & Sisters in the Steeps- Part I

Silverton Mountain was host to “Sisters in the Steeps” this past weekend, put on by Leslie Ross’s Babes in the Backcountry. Ross, the founder of Babes, who has been working in the field of snow/avalanche for the past 10 years and as an instructor for the past 18 years, has been able to offer well-supported programs to advance outdoor education and adventure.
As part of her mission states, “Babes in the Backcountry is an organization of powerful, professional, knowledgeable women and men dedicated to raising awareness of how we walk in the natural world. Our year-round inspirational outdoor adventures provide awareness, education and useful skills to enhance not only your outdoor experiences, but to also impact all aspects of your life.”

The Sisters in Silverton
As guides for this group, fellow instructor Patti Banks, who has been named one of Ski Magazine’s top 100 instructors, and I had the opportunity to work with some amazing women skiers looking to broaden their scope on skiing, and who were motivated to pursue the famed steeps of Silverton with other like kinded and minded women. Over the three day period, we were able to introduce these women to a new bigger picture on skiing, and start many of them on their first backcountry type of experience. In our wrap-up discussion at the close of the weekend, these women each touched upon the growth they experienced from their time together, their progression as skiers, and as women in the outdoors.

Babes offers a variety of outdoor opportunities through winter workshops and adventure programs; this includes co-ed clinics and workshops, Backcountry retreats, Intro to the Backcountry courses, Avalanche Level 1 training, Backcountry refreshers, Telemark Clinics- all levels, Advanced Clinics- Alpine/Telemark, Ski Mountaineering/Big Mountain Skiing, Celebrations and more.

Ski Adventure Get-a-ways that are slated for 2008’s remaining season:

1. Campbell Icefields Hut Trip April 26th to May 3rd
2. Mt Shasta, CA June 13th-15th

For summer and more:

What's On Tap
April 24-27 Best of Moab

Apr 26-May 3
Spring Hut Trip~Canada

June 13-15
Durango Single Track

July 18-20
Bike Babes ~Breckenridge

August 16-23
Summer Snow Divas in Chile

Sept 11-14
Women's White Rim

For more information, contact:

Leslie Ross, http://www.babesinthebackcountry.com/ 970-453-4060



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