Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Merino tops coming in hot

This comes from Jeff a BC customer who just ran the National Marathon in Washington D.C. this weekend. Jeff is a Major in the United States Army and beat the mayor who started the race 5 years ago. In his second marathon he has knocked 3 minutes off his time and is sold on the merino top.

"A synthetic fiber will never touch my skin again. Merino is the ultimate do-it-all fabric lifesaver; keeps you warm, keeps you cool, keeps you dry. What more can I ask for in a running piece?"

I suppose it's time to dust off my tennies and go for a run. Here in the Wasatch we are still getting some white stuff so my "last turns" may extend longer then I thought.

Thanks Jeff for sporting the goat the whole 26.2 and were glad it was a "lifesaver", we think so too. Do you think the merino has aerodynamic properties?

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Blogger *MILLY* said...

Merino is where it is at! it is the only baselayer and performance top i wear anymore! amazing stuff!! love it!

4/02/2008 11:37 AM


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