Saturday, November 24, 2007

Paging Dick's Sporting Goods to the Courtesy Phone

I've never stepped foot into a Dick's Sporting Goods. Oh I'm sure there are plenty of cool items in there, but it's just not my gig. It's more big box than I'm interested in wading through to find stuff that actually appeals to me. But I won't hold that against them.

What I will hold against them is the blog comment spam that Coupon Album keeps leaving on behalf of Dick's Sporting Goods in various posts here at the Backcountry Blog. Here's what the comment says:
Visit at CouponAlbum site for many coupons on sports footwear from Dick's Sporting Goods store.... (links removed - no freebies for you)
My guess is that this work is being done manually by someone off shore or by a bot somewhere. Coupon Album has a privacy policy which supposedly protects it's customers from having information shared but do they have a blog comment spam policy? I think online marketers and online retailers should adopt a blog comment spam policy and do it before the need arises. Yes, that would be remarkable.

You might be thinking, "But it's not Dick's fault. Coupon Album is who you should go after." I left them a comment on their customer feedback form. No, I'm not a customer but they weren't really a blog reader either. The difference was that I left them my name and e-mail address. The web doesn't have to be anonymous.

The Outdoor Industry and outdoor adventures are build upon relationships. Unfortunately a lot of the web is not that way. Are you listening Dick's?




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