Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Battlefront of Indian Creek

Trip Report: Indian Creek, Utah
Kim Havell leads Rochambeau in Indian Creek
As the weather starts to change, temps drop, and there is not quite enough snow yet to start skinning, some of the folks in Telluride turn to the desert for off-season fun and weekend warrior projects. Groups head to Moab for biking the Slick Rock experience, and others head to Indian Creek to battle it out on the beautiful parallel sided sandstone cracks.

So, it's now weekend number three for me. Still getting reduced on a daily basis but the strength and endurance is slowly returning and I am hoping to step up to some of those climbs that are on my "hit list". This weekend, I was in the presence of greatness with some rad climber couples. Dave M & Ximena, and Melanie & Winslow-- all versatile, hard climbers from Telluride that love what Indian Creek has to offer us in way of humility, strength, and highs.

With the threat of weather the past few weekends, the crowds are still not too bad, and we get first dibs on all the routes we want on Saturday at the Reservoir Wall. Mel and I each warm up on an easy 5.10 big hands crack. Ximena charges up "Pente"- a classic route at 5.11- and 160 feet- an enduro pitch with some great rests and beautiful moves for those of us with small hands, myself included. Winslow puts up a sporty flaky 5'10 crack, "Dr. Carl" on a face around the corner from us- tricky and a bit loose, it offers us some excitement. Later that afternoon...

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Kim Havell is a Telluride based athlete represeting Backcountry.com, Cloudveil, CAMP-USA to name a few.

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